Weedless rigging with TwistLOCK





Owner’s unique TwistLOCK™ “Centering-Pin Spring” (CPS – patent pending) attached to the hook eye. Baits can be “permanently” secured by inserting the pin in the center of the nose of a soft plastic, which can then be twisted (screwed) onto the TwistLOCK™ coil spring so that any bait will rig perfectly every time! Great features of the Twistlock include the grip that the CPS gets into the nose of the plastic allowing for more aggressive casting into heavy cover and Berkley Gulp softbaits perform exceptionally well using Twistlock as the weight doesn’t have to pass through the Gulp (and potentially split the bait) as with normal weighted worm hooks.

Weedless/snaggless fishing in the tropics is now easier and more effective than ever. See below on how to rig weedless with TwistLock.

TwistLock is avialble in the following Owner hook models. Beast hook, TwistLock, Flashie swimmer.



1. Start by inserting pin end of Centering Pin Spring (CPS) , into the center of the bait head. Slowly begin screwing on bait in a clockwise motion. Be carefull to screw straight through the bait.


2. Continue to screw bait onto CPS until the head is close to the hook eye and the bait is orientated how it will be rigged onto the hook.



3. Lay hook next to bait to measure where the hook will be rigged through the bait. Measure thie point with finger and then



4. Come through the bottom of the bait, up and through the top. Ensure that the bait isn’t kinked (rigged too far forward in bait), or stretched too much (rigged to far back).



5. If fishing in vegatation or structure be sure to skin hook the point of the hook to ensure a more weedless presentation.

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