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As a fisherman who has been obsessed with both Popping and Jigging for many years the brand name ‘Owner’ has always represented serious quality. For species such as Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna and Kingfish the ‘Owner’ range filled a large gap that was missing when it came to strength and terminal tackle that was up to the job.

Owner SJ-41's and  Jobu's rigged on poppers


Single hooks such as the heavy gauged Owner SJ-41, SJ-51 and Owner Jobo’s have been the perfect answer for those preferring to rig poppers with single hooks. By simply taking two hooks (commonly SJ-41’s in 11/0 size) and rigging them back to back on an Owner heavy duty split ring (size 11 or 11H) you will have a beautiful swinging twin hook set up that will sit on the belly of your chosen popper or stickbait. A single hook such as another SJ-41 or Owner Jobu will then provide an excellent hook on the rear of your lure before it is ready to swim. This set up can also help many stickbaits swim correctly with the single on the rear acting as a mini ‘rudder’ that will get a more natural swim out of your stickbait.

Owner Trebles


Trebles remain equally as popular (and I will admit I use both with no clear preference) and the Owner Trebles need no real introduction. Both the Owner ST-66’s and 76’s have accounted for many monster fish worldwide. My good friend George Lee over in Suva, Fiji will just about try and get me drunk on Cava to gain the opportunity to raid my supply of Owner Trebles. Their popularity comes from both performance and also the very reasonable price tag. Some trebles for this type of fishing remain poisonously expensive and ultimately do the same job.


Owner Gear

Naturally the single hooks have also been standouts when rigged on metal jigs. If rigging up your own assist hooks, Owner have made this an easy task with their Kevlar braid and tying them up is one very simple procedure. Owner also offer pre- packed assist hooks ready to be put on jigs in quick time and once again these are top quality short shank hooks.

For those who have a love of popping and jigging some other seriously useful items in the Owner range will be the GP 60 split ring pliers which open up those heavy duty split rings with ease and the Owner Jigging gloves. These are areas where you may think quality does not matter as much but I can assure you there are some very nasty split ring pliers out there that just do not do the job. The Owner GP 60’s again having the reputation as one of the best on the market.

To me the Owner gear represents what we all look for, absolute quality on a sensible budget. Whether you are lucky enough to have popping and jigging at your doorstep or planning that dream trip away, the range of Owner gear with have you taking on big game fish with confidence.

Pete Morris


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