The bigger double for bigger lures and offshore work. Heavy duty wire, tinned finish. Ideal for wahoo, mackerel, tuna etc on big crankbaits.  Unlike trebles, double hooks can be quickly rigged onto a lure without a split ring. Features include forged shank, high-deep gapes for less flex during hook sets, super needle points, and a super tin corrosion-resistant finish.





  • Forged shank
  • Super needle points
  • Super tin corrosion-resistant finish

Model No. Size Qty
50440-2/0 DH41 DOUBLE HOOK PKT PK 2/0 6
50440-3/0 DH41 DOUBLE HOOK PKT PK 3/0 6
50440-4/0 DH41 DOUBLE HOOK PKT PK 4/0 6
50440-4/0 DH41 DOUBLE HOOK PKT PK 5/0 5

Double Hooks


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