Ebi baitholder

A great all round light tackle hook. Ebi Baitholder hooks utilize a straight eye and dual barbs. Ideal for use with all baits for fishing both fresh and salt water species. Features include dual bait holders on shank that hold the bait on the hook shank for better presentation, Super Needle Point, and Black Chrome finish.


  • Dual bait holders on shank
  • Super Needle Point
  • Black Chrome finish

Model No. Size Qty
5123-031 BAITHOLDER HOOK 8 9
5123-051 BAITHOLDER HOOK 6 9
5123-071 BAITHOLDER HOOK 4 8
5123-091 BAITHOLDER HOOK 2 7
5123-101 BAITHOLDER HOOK 1 7
5123-111 BAITHOLDER HOOK 1/0 6
5123-121 BAITHOLDER HOOK 2/0 5


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