K hook

K-Hook is designed similar to the old Kahle style bait hooks. They are ideal for rigging all types of shrimp, crabs, minnows, worms, and other types of baitfish. THE flathead hook! The wide gape is ideal for cut baits or live baits and is easily taken in by wide mouthed species. Features include Super Needle-Point, Black Chrome finish, extra wide gap, and straight pull toward the eye.


  • Super Needle-Point
  • Black Chrome finish
  • Extra wide gap
  • Straight pull toward the eye
  • Ideal flathead hook

Model No. Size Qty
5173-091 K HOOK 2 7
5173-101 K HOOK 1 7
5173-111 K HOOK 1/0 6
5173-121 K HOOK 2/0 6
5173-131 K HOOK 3/0 6
5173-141 K HOOK 4/0 5
5173-151 K HOOK 5/0 3
5173-161 K HOOK 6/0 3
5173-171 K HOOK 7/0 3


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