Owner’s ever popular Offshore hooks provide fisherman with the ultimate tool for live bait and cube presentation. Known for its totally unique “mean” blade-like, curved, sticky-sharp, offset point Features include, super needle point, forged point, XX-strong wire, and Owner’s famous black chrome finish

This shorter shank XX strong wire hook is the ideal choice for cubing yellowfin, or trolling live and dead baits for mackerel to marlin.



  • Super needle point
  • Forged poin
  • XX-strong wire
  • Owner’s famous black chrome finish

Model No. Size Qty
5129-141 OFFSHORE HOOK 4/0 9
5129-151 OFFSHORE HOOK 5/0 8
5129-161 OFFSHORE HOOK 6/0 7
5129-171 OFFSHORE HOOK 7/0 6
5129-181 OFFSHORE HOOK 8/0 5
5129-191 OFFSHORE HOOK 9/0 4
5129-201 OFFSHORE HOOK 10/0 3
5129-211 OFFSHORE HOOK 11/0 3
5129-221 OFFSHORE HOOK 12/0 2


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