Siwash hook

Stinger® Siwash Hook, with large aperture eye, is the ideal for stinger rigging soft baits and spinner baits. Also used as a bait hook where more point needs to be exposed. Dual-tempering process achieves maximum hook strength, yet still allows the eye to be closed. Features a XXX-strong, shank, deep-throat gap, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish.




  • XXX-strong, shank
  • Deep-throat gap
  • Super Needle Point
  • Black chrome finish

Model No. Size Pack Qty
11543-118 S78- SIWASH HOOK 1/0 6
11543-128 S78- SIWASH HOOK 2/0 6
11543-138 S78- SIWASH HOOK 3/0 6
11543-148 S78- SIWASH HOOK 4/0 6

Stinger hooks


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