Wide gap worm hook

Wide Gap Plus™, with its deep throat and dramatically elevated point, offers an extraordinary wide gap for extra hooking power. The plus point rides above the eye, providing a more positive and effective hook set. Ideal for weedless style rigging of big shad baits and extra beefy soft plastic. Features include a XXX-strong forged shank, a bait-holding Z-Lock shoulder bend, Cutting Point®, and black chrome finish.




  • XXX-strong forged shank
  • Bait-holding Z-Lock shoulder bend
  • Cutting Point®
  • Black chrome finish.

Model No. Size Pack Qty
5139-111 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 1/0 6
5139-121 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 2/0 6
5139-131 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 3/0 5
5139-141 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 4/0 5
5139-151 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 5/0 5
5139-161 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 6/0 4
5139-171 WIDE GAPE WORM HOOKS 7/0 3


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