Why Owner

OWNER HOOKS – For anglers who demand the very best.

When the discussion turns to which hook is best, there is universal agreement that OWNER fishing hooks are among the best in the world. No sacrifice to quality has been made and OWNER only use the best hi-tensile wire for all hook styles. You may pay a little more for OWNER hooks but this is more than offset at the end of the day with more hookups and fish brought to land.

OWNER make hooks to suit every style of lure and bait fishing across all fresh and saltwater fishing spectrums. From bass and trout, to barra and marlin, jewfish to flathead and trevally to tommy ruff, there is an OWNER hook that will cover your needs.

A word on hook points. OWNER utilize a super needle point or a super cutting point. The chemically sharpened needle point has fast pick up on a fish and punches a neat round hole that reduces tearing. Ideal for all bait fishing and lure work where huge fish are not likely to be encountered.

The cutting point is best where bigger fish with tough mouths or thick skin need to be penetrated. The cutting point slices in and digs deeper under pressure. Cutting point hooks are best for big saltwater species.

OWNER hook points are chemically sharpened. There is nothing you can do with a file or stone that will improve the sharpness. If you turn a point over or feel the edge has gone off the hook, dispose of it correctly and tie on another new hook.

Use OWNER hooks with confidence when next you hit your favourite fishing spot!







A legend in their time! Precision Japanese engineering, lifelike look and sizes to suit all light to medium tackle options in Australia. Cultiva baits have been a first choice for such species as trout and bass to bream and flathead, trevally, kingfish, salmon, tailer and more.

With first quality Owner rings and hooks, perfect swim out of the box,  a colour range that is the equal of any lure series and now priced to grace any anglers tackle box.

Choose Cultiva for all your light tackle lure work – they won’t disappoint.